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When someone is suspected of a crime, it is often a time of great frustration.  The fear and anxiety set in and one questions whether or not they will have their freedom taken away.  Many people feel that talking to the police and cooperating is a smart move.  The reality is that nothing can be further from the truth.  How and what you should vary from county to county.  To provide a general overview of this topic, we are going to discuss how the Michigan State Police handle interrogation and what you should know about protecting yourself and your freedom.

   “The Reid Technique”

When the Michigan State Police do an interrogation, they utilize “The Reid Technique,” which is a form of questioning that has led to many false confessions.  “Reid” was used in cases such as “The West Memphis Three,” Brendan Dassey, and “The Central Park Five,” all of which led to a false confession and innocent people that became incarcerated.

Who would’ve thought that listening to lyrics could lead to incarceration? Is it possible that song lyrics could be deemed as a party admission in a court of law? Where does the line between the first amendment’s freedom of speech and one’s fifth amendment right not to incriminate one’s self collide?  This is an issue that we are dealing with in different counties in the State of Michigan.

The phenomenon of listening to rap lyrics to cause one to be arrested is an issue that has gained momentum over the past three years. In Wayne County, Michigan, where many aspiring rappers reside, the issue has become one of considerable controversy. Today, we will discuss the issue both nationally and in the Metro-Detroit, Michigan area.

“The National Issue”

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