Confession of a Crooked Cop; Part III: The Attorney Switch

(Editor’s Note:  This series will be highly controversial, and the privacy of the article’s subject has demanded to remain nameless for their safety and respect for their family. The only attorneys present for this series of interviews are employed for McManus and Amadeo and include Matthew McManus, William Amadeo and Jennifer Kelley. A non-disclosure agreements have been signed).

Part III of this series will deal with the topic of the attorney switch. The father/officer of the defendant in this case did go through previous counsel before they ended up with William Amadeo as their lawyer.  The journey and why the switch was made is a journey that was surprising. (CM=Carly McGregor, Officer=Subject).

CM:  Was Bill (Amadeo) the first lawyer that you had?

Officer:  No…not even close.

CM:  Who was your lawyer?

Officer:  At first we had a public defender. She seemed very nice but told us that we had no chance to win and we should take a plea.

CM:  What kind of plea?

Officer:  12 years. My son would have gotten out right before his 30th birthday.

CM:  What happened next?

Officer:  There was then an attorney switch and we had a court appointed attorney.

CM:  With a case as serious as your son’s, why didn’t you hire a retained lawyer from the onset?

Officer:  My son was innocent, I didn’t think we needed a bulldog. I believed in the truth.

CM:  What happened with the second attorney?

Officer:  Same info as the first. My wife and I decided we had to come up with more money so we hired..

William Amadeo:  Hang on. I think it’s better if you do not bring that individual’s name up.

Officer:  Why?  His firm took our money and didn’t do a damn thing. I want to mention his name.

Jennifer Kelley:  It’s best if you do not. We know who the attorney is, let’s not get into naming names.

Officer:  Ok.

CM:  So you went to a retained lawyer?

Officer:  Yes, $40,000 without a trial fee.

CM:  Did you consider going to Bill (Amadeo) before you went to the other lawyer?

Officer:  I interviewed Bill. I liked him a lot and I asked Bill about the other attorney.

CM:  What did Bill say about the other attorney?

Officer:  Bill said the other lawyer was excellent and I asked Bill why I should hire his firm. Bill told me that nobody will take the case more personal or work harder. I didn’t listen.

William Amadeo:  What did the other lawyer say about me?

Officer:  He said you were arrogant and a little prick who likes to read about himself on Google and was not experienced enough for a case like this.

William:  I challenge the experience comment but he didn’t completely lie about what he said about me.

CM:  So what happened with the retained lawyer?

Officer:  He said we should not go to trial. He got us a sentence agreement of 8 years.

CM:  How did you feel about that?

Officer:  With passed polygraphs and an inconsistent victim? Yea I was scared he would do life in prison but 8 years sounded better than life. We were set to plea and were going to waive the preliminary examination in exchange for a plea.  Then we got a call.

CM:  Who called you?

Officer:  There was a prosecutor in the office where my son was being charged. They told me that I needed to call Bill (Amadeo) up and work something out. They told me not to take the 8 years and to keep fighting.

CM:  What were your thoughts at that time?

Officer:  We were scared. My family did not know what to do. But I knew the prosecutor from my time on the police force.  This prosecutor was pretty clean-cut and never played games. This prosecutor and Bill were not friends, I knew that but I also was surprised that a prosecutor was recommending a defense lawyer.

CM:  What happened next?

Officer:  I told the individual that called me that I did not have Amadeo money after paying the other lawyer and the other lawyer would not give me money back. Plus I didn’t hire Bill initially.  I love Bill but he is pretty into himself and I figured he might laugh in my face.

CM:  What made you call Bill?

Officer:  The individual that called me told me if I called Bill and broke everything down he might help me. The prosecutor that called told me if Bill didn’t take it to trial he would find the evidence to get us better than 8 years.  We were terrified.

CM:  What happened when you met with Bill?

Officer:  He grabbed me and my wife bottles of water. We met him at 8pm on a Friday night and he listened to us. He took notes, picked up his football and paced around the room and recorded things.  It was a little confusing but he told us this was his process.

CM:  How long did he meet with you?

Officer:  Until at least 1 am. He told me that he would go visit our son that night in the jail. We were thrown off.

CM:  Why were you thrown off?

Officer:  We hadn’t paid him yet. He assured us everything was privileged. He told us that he cannot guarantee anything but he wanted to meet out son that night.

CM:  Did he meet him?

Officer:  Yeah….yeah, he called us at 5 am after meeting with our son. He told us he would make a bond motion. No guarantees but he would try.

CM:  What happened next?

Officer:  There was a significant bond reduction but we were still in a bad financial situation.  Bill wanted $25k plus a trial fee. I told him we had $15k and that was all that we had.

CM:  What did he do?

Officer:  He took the case.  He said he would put me on a payment plan for the rest. It’s funny, the payment plan was kind of a joke. He said if he loses his NFL bets the plan would be altered.

CM:  What did he say?

Officer:  He was joking with me. It actually was the first time that I laughed in months.

CM:  Where was the case at this point?

Officer:  We still were in district court so no prelim yet.  This nightmare dragged on for a while.






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