Confessions of a Crooked Cop; Part VI: The First Circuit Court Appearance and Words Colliding

Editor’s Note:  This series will be highly controversial, and the privacy of the article’s subject has demanded to remain nameless for their safety and respect for their family. The only attorneys present for this series of interviews are employed for McManus and Amadeo and include Matthew McManus, William Amadeo and Jennifer Kelley. A non-disclosure agreements have been signed. CM=Carly McGregor, Officer= Defendant’s father, the other parties will go by their initials MM,=Matt McManus, JK=Jennifer Kelley, BA=Bill Amadeo, NS=Nick Sanderson).

Part VI of this series will deal with the first circuit court appearance and another case that hit close to home. Tensions flared with Bill (Amadeo) and the father of the defendant and the past of both parties came to a collision course.

CM:  What were you thinking when the matter wen to circuit court?

Officer:  I was pretty concerned. People do not leave circuit court without doing some kind of time in this county, at least that was my impression when I was an officer there.

CM:  What’s happening with the meetings?

Officer:  Bill (Amadeo) said we would get a motion cutoff date and a trial. He said negotiations would continue.

JK: At this point did you want to take a deal?

Officer:  Badly.

MM: What deal did you want?

Officer:  We were trying to be realistic, there was a confession that my son and the individual had sex. We knew without question that was a CSC 3 even without force or coercion. I really hoped with this prosecutor, Bill would get my son a year in jail and I know sex registration would come with that.

CM:  When you say that you knew the sex registry, or SORA would be part of any deal, you were ok with that?

Officer:  Obviously, I didn’t want my son on the registry but to not have him go to prison, that was a dream. I know Bill worked some miracles in this court before to me, from where we were until where we got to, the family wanted that to happen if that was a possibility.

CM:  Was that a possibility?

Officer:  Not at the first circuit court appearance.

CM:  What happened that day?

Officer: So Bill and Nick Sanderson were in court early, they were talking. The prosecutor walked in, he didn’t look at Bill. My gut told me that no deal was going to be on the table. Things got weird when our case was called.

CM:  What happened?

Officer:  The prosecutor asked for a bench conference. It was strange because we couldn’t hear anything.

CM:  What was happening.

Officer:  Well, I saw Bill place his arms up on the bench and the prosecutor stood there with his arms folded. They were whispering but it started to become a loud whisper. Then Bill and the prosecutor started walking towards each other. Bill’s hands were moving. He wasn’t physically touching the guy but it was getting tense. The prosecutor starting pointing his finger at Bill.  The prosecutor’s finger came really close to Bill’s face. I heard Bill say “Dude be careful if you touch me because they are going to lock us both up.” The judge was furious and demanded everyone back in chambers and threatened them both with 30 days in jail.

CM:  How long were they in chambers?

Officer:  You know it felt like forever but in reality it was like 20 minutes.

CM:  What happened when they came out?

Officer:  The prosecutor put an offer on the table.

CM:  What was the offer?

Officer:  It was 18 months in prison, minus time served, sex registration.

CM:  Then what happened.

Officer:  The judge turned to Bill and said, “Mr. Amadeo, I am willing to Cobbs to this today but please understand as the matter sits your client is facing 25 years on a mandatory minimum. So what are we doing?

CM:  What did Bill say?

Officer:  He asked for a motion cutoff date and said he was filing a Stanaway motion and respectfully should the motion be denied he would ask for an interlocutory appeal.

CM:  What was the reaction of the judge?

Officer:  The judge and I remember this like it was yesterday, “God damn it Bill!!! You go him 18 months minus time served, are you going to roll the dice on this!!!.

CM:  What did Bill say?

Officer:  He told the judge to please allow the offer to stay opened but he needed the court to see his motion.

CM:  What is the court’s reaction at this point?

Officer:  The judge asked the prosecutor if the deal would remain opened, the prosecutor said yes, we got motion dates.

CM:  Did you meet that night?

Officer:  Yeah but thar’s when the Facebook think took off.

CM:  The Facebook thing?

Officer:  Bill was getting a lot of attention at this point and I was concerned that he was going to put his needs over that of my son’s. Looking back I know that was never the case but he got a Facebook message and said that he had to run to a county jail. I knew he had a lot of clients but I’m upset, he pushed back our time that night, he’s driving to a jail, then we found out what was going on.

CM:  What was going on?

Officer:  I don’t want to speak for him. Things got ugly over the drug case.

BA:  Ok, well I’ll jump in. I was on Facebook and I got notifications that someone liked a ton of my posts.  Not unusual but then there were comments. The comments were pretty hostile.

CM:  What were the comments?

BA:  “Ducktown forever, right B”. “You can’t answer a message, you think that you’re too good for us, my family needs help and we can pay you.”

CM:  What was this all about?

BA:  So when I was a kid, there were three of us that worked out at this crappy little gym. One day, we were offered $10k to drive an SUV to California. Obviously there’s a lot that goes into that story. I chose not to go.

CM:  How does this play a role in this case?

BA:  Well, the other two took the money. It led down a bad road. One of them became a very big drug dealer in Atlantic City, the other rose up the ranks and I was working in a casino while going to community college. One of my first, I guess you could call her girlfriends, but it was a thing where were kids. It was kind of a first love. She wanted me to do the delivery and our relationship was odd.  I told her no. She ended up with the guy who became a big time drug dealer. He ended up getting killed. After he was dead, the small time drug dealer, who was the best friend of the big time dealer, ended up with her. They had a kid. The small time dealer, let’s just call him Gary, ended up going to prison. They sent their child to live with his aunt in Michigan. The girl that I knew from high school started blowing up my Facebook page and messenger wanting me to help her son. I didn’t get the messages at first, they went into spam.  She started attacking the page. I emailed her directly and saw the missed messages.

CM:  A few things come to mind. Did you not know her and how did this play a role in the CSC case.

BA:  Fair questions.  First of all, she had a “Facebook” name and no pictures of her so there were no indicators other than the messages that went to spam. Secondly, the father of the defendant in our CSC was upset that I was taking this case.

Officer:  Here is what I was upset about. Bill was already working around the clock.  Now he was taking on yet another case that was personal to him. I know how much our case meant to him but now there is an Atlantic City element to things with a past love and a convoluted situation.  I was worried about that.  Bill told me that nothing would deter him fighting for my son but now he is already working this insane about of time and he is dealing with stuff from his past.

BA:  Ok stuff from my past? Really? I was dealing with someone that needed a criminal lawyer and you belittled this kid. You said he was a criminal and I needed to completely focus on your son when ironically your son, who was innocent, was charged with a much more serious offense.

CM:  So Matt, what is going on at the office during this time?

MM:  Bill was going to the gym at 5 am, he would shower, come to the office, go to court all day, go to the jails, write motions at night. Jen is really starting to get good at divorce law. The firm is taking off but there is a belief that Bill was going to burn out and my fear was that bringing an Atlantic City matter into Michigan was going to be a lot to juggle. The guy already doesn’t sleep now this, I was worried about him.

JK:  I’ve known Bill since he was tutoring me in law school and he always believed in me so I have a lot of respect for him but it’s concerning how personal he takes every case.

NS:  I mean, I’ve said this before, Bill works too hard and everything is personal and it makes him amazing at what he does but I think he can care way too much at times.

BA:  I’m not really sure how else I can operate. I love our team but I do what I do and there is no changing that.  Nick came through on the CSC.

CM:  How did Nick come through?

Officer:  Nick found out about a lot of things that Bill was going to leverage. The information was essential and when Bill and the prosecutor spoke, the word HYTA came up for the first time.

In the next blog, we will discuss the next circuit court appearance which was schedule for a motion and what happened in the drug case.

Carly McGregor has been a ghostwriter for many years and is currently working on her Juris Doctorate and has published many articles across social media and print work.

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