Confessions of a Crooked Cop; Part VIII: The Plea

Editor’s Note: This series will be highly controversial, and the privacy of the article’s subject has demanded to remain nameless for their safety and respect for their family. The only attorneys present for this series of interviews are employed for McManus and Amadeo and include Matthew McManus, William Amadeo and Jennifer Kelley. A non-disclosure agreements have been signed. CM=Carly McGregor, Officer=Defendant’s father, the other parties will go by their initials MM,=Matt McManus, JK=Jennifer Kelley, BA=Bill Amadeo, NS=Nick Sanderson).

Part VIII of this series will deal with the second motion day that ended up in a plea in Circuit Court.

CM:  The next step was the second motion date, tell us what you are feeling at this point?

Officer:  Nerves were on edge. Honestly I didn’t know what Bill (Amadeo) had planned. He kind of cut off communication with us for a while.

CM:  Bill, did you cut off communication?

BA:  I wouldn’t say that. He kept asking the same questions and I felt it was time to go into lockdown mode. I knew what I had planned and if I was wrong, I could fix it, if I was right their son was getting HYTA and no jail that day.

Officer: And all that we knew is that Bill was in the office until 3 am every night and would not answer calls.

JK:  When he gets like that it’s best to leave him alone.

MM:  We don’t talk to him when he gets into crazy mode. He will be at the office until all hours of the night with Drew and we have learned to just sit back.

Officer:  Drew….now that guy is dedicated. Drew was at most of our meetings.

CM: Did Drew help with the case?

BA:  So for those that do not know, Drew is a member of the firm and he is very dedicated.

Officer:  He was a calming influence. Drew told us that things would be ok and to listen to Bill.

CM:  What happened in court.

Officer:  The prosecutor and Bill stared at each other. It was weird. Nothing being said. The prosecutor had their briefcase with them, Bill had his laptop bag held over this shoulder. It was weird.

CM:  Were motions heard.

Officer:  Before motions were heard, the judge’s staff told Bill and the prosecutor to come back to chambers.

CM:  What happened in chambers?

Officer:  I honestly do not know.

BA:  What I can say is this, sometimes the most powerful moves are the ones made off camera.

CM:  What happened when they came out?

Officer:  There was a plea deal. One count of CSC 3 statutory rape, no prison, no jail, HYTA.

CM:  What are you thinking at this point?

Officer:  You go through a range of emotions. First you are terrified. Then you are angry. You want closure, you want protection and you want the world to know that your son is not who the cop and the prosecutor portrayed him to be. Bill said there were only 3 options: Not guilty verdict. Our family did not want a trial. Dismissal. The prosecutor would have never agreed to that. HYTA and no jail. Keep our boy out of prison and jail and protecting his record. How we went from staring down the barrel of 25 years in the Michigan Department of Corrections to this was a miracle.

CM:  How was your son at this moment?

Officer:  He cried, my wife cried, hell, I was a mess. We knew that sentencing was our last hurdle.

In the next and last segment, we will discuss sentencing and the aftermath of the case.

Carly McGregor has been a ghostwriter for many years and is currently working on her Juris Doctorate and has published many articles across social media and print work.

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